1. Excellent education system

Australia is one of the developed countries with the best education system in the world. According to the Quacquarelli Symonds University Rankings, Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney are among the top 50 best universities in the world. With a long-standing reputation for quality teaching and research, employers also value students with a qualification from a prestigious Australian training institution.

why should you study in australia

In addition, Australian universities welcome international students to the school with more than 1,200 schools and more than 22,000 courses to choose from. Coming to Australia, you can choose from a range of preparatory and vocational programs to undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral courses spread across a wide range of disciplines. No matter what you study and how long it takes, Australian law always promotes quality education and protection for international students.

2. Easy to obtain visas for students

Compared to other countries, it is quite easy to apply for a student visa to Australia. International students who come to Australia can participate in the "Overseas Student Program." Of course, you must meet some requirements to get a visa.

3. Many job opportunities during and after the course

While studying in Australia, you will easily find a part-time job for students. With an Australian student visa, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week throughout the semester. During breaks between semesters, you can even work full-time. The popular extra jobs are chosen by many international students when studying in Australia as salesmen, babysitters, waiters …

why should you study in australia

After studying in Australia, you will have the opportunity to find work both inside and outside Australia, because the value of Australian qualifications is valid worldwide. Employers may also find that you can communicate in English and be able to adapt well to international learning environments.

4. Beautiful natural landscape

Another reason to study in Australia is of course because the natural landscape is surprisingly beautiful. You can find more than 50 different climates on this continent. When studying in Australia, you will have lots of opportunities to pick up backpacks and explore breathtaking views - ranked among the best in the world.

5. The opportunity to explore culture and characterize Australian people

Australians are known for their sociable, open and relaxed personality, so you can easily make friends with people. Nearly 30% of people living in Australia are immigrants, which helps cultural diversity here. You can find cultural elements from many European countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy or Croatia. But there are also many people from Asian countries like China, India and the Philippines. In addition, you can also learn about the culture of indigenous Australians, also known as Aboriginal people, their culture and thinking are quite unique and will surely surprise and delight you.

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