Insurance: 150-3000 pounds/year

As international students attending a program full time lasts for 6 months or more, you will get the service health care free in the UK, under the auspices of the national health Service (NHS). However, students applying for a visa to the UK will have to pay an additional fee of £ 150 medical / year (£ 75 if less than 6 months in the NHS program).

For example if your course lasts 4 years, you will have to pay £ 675 (£ 150 per year, plus £ 75 for the term of 4 months until the visa expires). Also, in the process of studying here, you should also buy other types of insurance such as travel insurance, property insurance, insurance houses ... depending on the needs and requirement to ensure safety for themselves and their assets

should the insured when studying in the uk

Tourism, recreation and sport: from 200-800 pounds / year

Study abroad is not only a class, go to the supermarket and back home. You also need to make friends and participate in social activities, exercise. Therefore, among the charges need to be prepared, you also need to deduct part of the entertainment, such as going to the movies (about £ 10), Fitness (charge room about £ 30 / month) or try a new restaurant. In short an evening out (outside London) average would cost you about £ 30, not to mention in some occasions, maybe you will have to set aside a sum to buy gifts for friends (eg when was invited to a birthday party).

But entertainment is not always synonymous with spending "exorbitant"! UK possesses many historical buildings, culture is worth a visit (and many of them are museums, art galleries completely open free!) So, once to England, you do not should just cower city study which should take advantage of the holiday to visit a local and the neighboring countries. Trips “short city-trip” to the capitals of Europe u is a great way to explore the great civilization which is not too expensive. Especially when studying English, you will need a Schengen visa to travel to Europe u should learn more about this cost.

should the insured when studying in the uk

In summary, the average cost of the UK study estimated at £ 22,200 per year (for a total tuition and living expenses), and if living studying in London, this figure will be significantly more expensive. But again, these are only average figures, and does not mean that all British students are spending at this level.

That's why on the website of the universities in the UK are able to find information on the cost of living average student in school - and this figure is the difference clear as follows:

University of Liverpool - £ 5,500 - £ 7,000 / year
Essex University - £ 5,700 - £ 7,500 / year
University of Manchester - £ 8,100 / year
Oxford University - £ 9,750 / year
University of London - Approximately £ 210 / week

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