Financial problems are always the top concern of all of you who have been studying abroad, especially for UK students because the cost here is never cheap. You need to know how to save the maximum cost of studying abroad so that financial problems do not affect your learning process too much.

secrets to save the cost of studying in the united kingdom

1. Hunting scholarships to save costs when studying abroad

Finding scholarships is always the best method to save costs when studying abroad. You can hunt for full or partial scholarships as soon as you apply to school to minimize costs. In addition, during the course of your studies, try to get as many points as possible. There are many universities that offer scholarships each term to students on the condition that students meet the score requirements every semester. Therefore, achieving good academic results not only helps your transcripts look better, but can also help you reduce your financial burden somewhat.

2. Contact relatives and friends via facebook, skype, zalo

Instead of using the direct phone package to go home with a price that is quite expensive for each call, even texting, you can connect to the internet using free communication facilities such as Facebook, skype, zalo. Through these means, you can talk and see your loved ones' images through your computer / phone screen.

3. Instead of buying books, go to the school library to study

The price of all kinds of documents and books in the UK is very high, so if you regularly buy outside, you will have to pay a small expense. Therefore, you can solve the problem of studying abroad by going to the library system of the reading school to fully meet the knowledge you need, while saving the cost of buying books. You need to make a library card as soon as possible to become a regular member of the school library. If you want to buy cheap books to go home to study, you can contact your siblings to buy them back at a cheap price. In addition, the ebooks book channel is also one of the wise choices.

secrets to save the cost of studying in the united kingdom

4. Find a part-time job

Most of the students and students who come to the UK to study abroad want to apply for a part-time job to improve their English in the communication process and earn a sum to spend daily. If you can not find yourself, you can ask the student support office, to find more jobs at the canteen, lab, library ... In the UK, international students will be allowed to work up to 10 hours / week of the school year and this is equivalent to being able to earn about £ 60 / week. You must be sure that this is to avoid overtime affecting health and learning outcomes.

5. Should cook with friends

International students often have options for meals such as eating out, eating at the school canteen or cooking at home. Of course, the cost of meals outside will be much more expensive than the meals at the school canteen. However, the most economical way is to cook for yourself at home. You can actively choose safe and processed foods that suit your taste. If you want to save even more, you can invite some of your friends to cook together. The amount of money to buy food for many people when divided into people will be cheaper when buying for you only.

6. Take advantage of public transport

When studying in the UK, even if it is in the dormitory in the school, you sometimes have to use the means of transportation to move (work more, go to the supermarket, go to the bank, ...). Taxi is the most expensive means of transportation, so you can choose public transport such as: Bus, train, taxi, bike with very low cost. For the opportunity to receive student discount programs, you should regularly update information. If possible, invest in a sports bike for yourself.

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