Prospective in the shop in town

First week when arriving in the country, you should spend some time down the road so much to discover new lands, important rather than considering the price of the store to find for themselves the attractive address. For example in the UK, you should not buy shampoo and shower gels or beauty products at the supermarket Albert Heijn (supermarkets largest here, is present in most of the major cities) where to buy in Kruidvat to buy cheap.

Join the festival of old maps and local markets

saving money tips for overseas students in the united kingdom

This is something special to do. My friend told: "I buy a lot of stuff at the big market, even enough to eat for a week, which cost only 10 euros." Through the flea market, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the local culture . at the flea market, you can find household items sometimes "good tired" with friendly prices. for example, a toaster or microwave, old furniture can be sold price mere 5euros. Prior to "exchange" or enthusiastic bargain, sellers are even injured students overcome poverty situation which no courtesy or just sold for 1.2 euros symbolic. practical experience you should go to the flea market area in the early morning to make sure the item is bought cheap is better. Information on market days, the festival often rummage through promotion o on the website of the city and form ... word of mouth from the native population.

The old sales sites

In the UK, you should find the site with the most items and services "hands" on the cheap. From train tickets, concert tickets to your phone, Ipad and old household items are for sale here. There is a small note that you must be careful with the private sale value goods such as Iphone, Ipad. For this, it is best seller appointment of a certain public places to see the goods before paying.

Cook by yourself

saving money tips for overseas students in the united kingdom

This is also a way to save money most effectively. At anywhere, cooking at home is always a lot cheaper than eating at restaurants. Such a restaurant meal will cost you about 15-20euros, while with the money you can buy food for the entire week. If you share home with someone else, the more common cooking saves you a lot more. Especially when you will have to share the expenses not name for dishwashing liquid, spices ...

Enthusiastic with discounters

In UK there are many forms u discount. The two biggest off season is discounted winter (in January, February) and discounted summer (June, July). Patiently wait until the off season, you will ensure that smart clothes of the fashion brand "fash-fashion" (fashion design trendy, trends of Fashion Week fame, with prices reasonable) with soft prices. Besides, the mid-season price cuts or promotions happening regularly throughout the year for your keywords should be waiting and waiting. Student card also gives you a certain% discount when shopping with some brands.

Finally, (share) should be the keyword in your spending money. Except for some special occasions important, foreign students have the habit of dividing the money in all activities outside of class: picnic exercise, go to a restaurant, coffee ... And you should also "accept "this habit fair because everyone understands you do not make money, especially overseas and has no concept of" honorable purse ".

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