If you have a desire to settle in Canada, this is the best time to plan and make plans when the country is thirsty for immigrants like never before.

opportunities immigration for international student studying in canada from 2019 to 2021

Canada claims to receive 1 million immigrants in the next 3 years. During an annual report in 2018 before Congress on Migration, Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen announced plans to receive about 1,080,000 new immigrants between 2019 and 2021 (according to World Economic Forum, December 3, 2018). Subjects with significant immigration considerations include economic migrant, refugees and family reunions. According to the report, 1 person in 5 people in Canada will be born in another country. Since 1990, more than 6 million people have migrated to Canada.

The Canadian government's decision to ensure that the nation's society remains sustainable in the prospect of 5 million Canadians coming to retirement before 2035. The number of immigrants arriving in Canada is expected to Contributing to human resources in caring for the elderly and retiring here. Statistics show that in 1976 the percentage of caregivers for each elder in Canada was 6.6: 1 to 4.2: 1 in 2012. It is expected that by 2036 this number will fall to 2: 1 so the decision to open the door to welcome immigrants is inevitable.

Golden opportunity for Canadian students wishing to settle after graduation

opportunities immigration for international student studying in canada from 2019 to 2021

If you are planning to study in Canada or have been studying in this country, this is definitely a golden time to map out plans for Canadian settlement. The fact that you are a Canadian international student is a huge plus because the board will prioritize those who have access to Canadian education because that means being able to adapt to life in this country. Their will be higher.

Settlement opportunities are still open to foreign students

Canadian students will have many advantages when applying for immigration but this opportunity is still open to international students from other countries. If you are not a Canadian alumni, you can apply to Canadian government immigration programs including Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program or Canadian Experience Class.

Some other notes if you want to become a Canadian citizen

  • Applicants with a criminal record will not be considered when applying for Canadian immigration
  • Applicants have to understand about Canada's geography, culture, history and political system
  • Those who are approved will receive a certificate of official citizenship and become a legal citizen of Canada.
  • Applicants after becoming a legal citizen in Canada are no longer required to live long-term in Canada but can live abroad for work or other personal purposes.

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