To make your studying abroad in Canada memorable, try taking the time to do the following 5 things.

Seeing hockey

Sports is a great way to integrate into the community and engage with the people around you, and nothing is better than enjoying the most popular sport at Canda - ice hockey (referred to as a short track). hockey). Great teams playing in the National Hockey League (NHL) can be mentioned as Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers or Vancouver Canucks.

5 things you should do when studying in canada

Playing winter sports

Referring to Canada is referring to the sport of winter because of the cold climate typical in this country. Besides hockey, you will find in Canada a lot of interesting sports such as skiing, figure skating, etc. For Vietnamese students who are familiar with the hot and humid climate, surely It will be the first time you go on a pair of ice skates or try playing a sport on a white snow background. However, nothing is better than the feeling of showing off to friends in your hometown about your achievements, right?

Camping in the summer

You can camp and immerse yourself in nature at beautiful landscapes in Canada. This will help you relax and enjoy a new breeze besides the amenities in the city where you live and study. Places you should visit are Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Lake Superior Park and Silent Lake in Ontario. Camping activities help you get to know many people and see animals like elk or deer, however you should wear long pants and warm clothes - it's very cold here!

5 things you should do when studying in canada

Walking with a dog sled

You can also "ask" the dogs to take you to enjoy the natural scenery in Canada on a sleigh. This will definitely be a unique experience that you can share with your friends. In the past, this was the only means to help you move between the two north-south ends, and now it has become an activity you can do in your spare time to explore the corners that only Canada has.

Eating at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons restaurant chain is famous for its typical coffee and round cakes that indigenous people often visit every morning. It's easy for you to find a Tim Hortons store among more than 3,500 conveniently located stores across the country. Don't be too surprised if you

become a "patron" here after late nights studying in the morning or before morning, because in the cold weather in Canada, nothing is as good as the Dark Roast flavor served with breakfast. Flatbread Breakfast Panini.

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